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Fuel Yourself with the Power of a Volcano

Fuel Yourself with the Power of a Volcano

What does a spectacular natural phenomenon such as an eruption have in common with us human beings? The answer lies in the chemical composition of both. Magma contains many dissolved gases that serve as the driving force that causes eruptions, which include water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, among others. If you know what you’re made of, you may have noticed that all these elements can be found in living beings. In fact, theory says that life as we know it started from the endless chemical dance between sulfur and oxygen.

Our bodies need these elements. We’ve all been told to drink enough water but, have you ever heard someone say, “Hey, I think you should eat more sulfur”? Fact is, we need to eat more sulfur, since it is a vital element for many biochemical processes associated with protein and enzyme functioning, given the fact that it is necessary to stabilize their structure.

Sulfur is required for the production of DNA enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, collagen and many other molecules. Sulfur is also crucial to control oxidative damage, since it is essential to produce detoxifying compounds and antioxidants such as glutathione, which makes it very important for the defense mechanisms of our organism against medication by-products, free radicals and environmental or dietary toxic agents. In other words, by protecting us against oxidative damage, sulfur helps keeping us biologically younger.

Now, as chemistry goes, we need sulfur in forms that are different from that found in a volcano, which happens to be toxic. The sulfur we need can be found in proteins (specifically, in certain amino acids), hard water and some other organic forms present in plants. Some of the most common dietary forms of sulfur include amino acids methionine and N-acetyl-L-cysteine, which are only two out of 20 existing amino acids. Besides, one of them (methionine) is essential, which means we cannot synthetize it in our bodies and must acquire it from diet.

Sulfur can be found in some of the healthiest foods, which you may recognize for their particular smell, such as broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. It can also be found in foods rich in protein like meat and poultry, although in this case the amount of available sulfur depends on the types of amino acids that compose the proteins. Usually, proteins contain 3 – 6% of sulfur amino acids. Now, the minimal requirements (RDA) of protein have always been established in terms of maintaining nitrogen balance without considering how important is sulfur to our diet. If RDA values were established in terms of maintaining sulfur balance, we should be eating up to three times our regular amount of proteins.

In addition to this, many of our common practices regarding transport, processing and cooking, can reduce the amount of available sulfur present in our meals so, we still may not be getting adequate amounts of it.

But what happens when we don’t get enough sulfur? Given its importance as a detoxifying agent, sulfur deficit can result in progressive liver damage. Along the same line, sulfur depletion can lead to accelerated wrinkle apparition, making us look older than we really are. This damage to our skin collagen can be extended to our muscles, hair and nails as well. Sulfur is also important for neurotransmitter production in our brains, so having low levels of it could result in mood and behavior alterations.

Luckily for us, many of these potential negative effects of sulfur depletion have been treated with proper supplementation. As an example, typical acetaminophen poisoning is reverted by supplying methionine to replenish glutathione levels in the liver. Celera’s ingredients are carefully selected to provide the sulfur we need in the form of single amino acids and natural extracts, which support our glutathione levels, general health and well-being. This is why Celera Cellular Shield Capsules smell like actual sulfur! Think about it this way: When you’re fueled with the power of a volcano, there is nothing to keep you from being Younger, Stronger and Alive!


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