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We understand there can be challenges in life. We also understand the gift of life, and that with a positive outlook and balance, we can celebrate life. This inspired us to start Celera and this is what we stand for.

The daily rigors of life (lack of exercise, mental stress, being exposed to environmental pollution, harmful UV rays, alcohol consumption, over the counter drugs, processed foods and artificial food ingredients) can throw off your balance through the creation of free radicals and resulting oxidation.

Backed by a leading team of scientists dedicated to the study of human life, all Celera products are uniquely designed to support your levels of Glutathione, known as the master antioxidant and critical detoxifier. Celera products are different from any other Glutathione supplements. We are the Glutathione experts as we intimately understand its biochemistry and bioavailability, and its impact in human life.

This has enabled us to research and develop our unique product line, specially designed to provide antioxidant support, detoxification, skin care and sports nutrition. Our unique product line works synergistically as a human body care system.

Your journey begins with positivity. Become a part of the Celera community today and celebrate life with us!