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Smart Immune System Support

Smart Immune System Support

Thinking about your immune system? Glutathione plays an important role for your immune system. As several studies have shown through the years, Glutathione needs to be maintained properly for a healthy immune system.

Many of our every day activities deplete our Glutathione reserves,and weaken our antioxidant system. As long as you are healthy, try to do some excercise, get sufficient sleep to feel rested. Avoid smoking and drinking at any cost. Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. And keep your glutathione levels as high as possible.

Glutathione is the most important antioxidant in the body because it not only stops free radicals in their tracks – it also recycles other antoxidants, such as Vitamin C and E. Studies by scientists have also shown that one of the ways they used to prevent glutathione depletion and therefore, fortify the immune system, was N-acetyl-cysteine supplementation, which is a precursor for Glutathione synthesis. Consider taking well scientifically formulated supplements to care for your immune system. Celera is backed by a leading team of scientists dedicated to the study of human life, and are THE GLUTATHIONE EXPERTS.


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