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Unlock your maximum detoxification potential

Unlock your maximum detoxification potential

There are endless “detox” gimmicks and schemes with fancy formulas or radical lifestyle changes, that promise to get it done in a week, a day or even hours.  Many of us fall for it without even bothering to verify the science behind each and their credibility. 

You don’t need these fancy formulas or radical lifestyle changes to achieve that. What’s really important is that you give your liver the nutrition it needs to do its job. 

Among the many functions your liver possesses, the most notable one is related with the detoxification potential it holds. From medication byproducts to alcohol, your liver is in charge of eliminating whatever toxic thing you put or produce inside your body.  And one of the ways it does so is by using the most powerful antioxidant of all: Glutathione. 

Unfortunately, Glutathione levels progressively decrease with age, which makes it difficult for your liver to fight against the imminent threat of toxic compounds. And, if you enjoy your glass of wine or bottle of beer, alcohol consumption is one of the fastest ways to deplete the available glutathione from your liver, as it exposes you to oxidative damage, which is very harmful for your overall functioning. 

Giving your body a way to accelerate glutathione replenishment is fundamental to keep yourself healthy and free of toxic compounds. A well scientifically formulated Glutathione supporting supplement can help your liver unlock its maximum detoxification potential.


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