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Exercise brings many benefits to your health, beauty and general wellness. But there is more than what we see with our eyes. 

For example, your muscles actually suffer from exhaustive training. Collagen fibers break constantly from training, weakening your muscle structure. Training also uses lots of energy, and the cellular processes involved in providing it generate considerable amounts of oxidative damage, which is very harmful for your body, and could ultimately end up accelerating your biological aging.  

It’s important to protect your muscles against the side effects of exercising. To stand against oxidative damage, your muscles use the power of the main cell antioxidant in your body: Glutathione. 

Glutathione helps eliminate toxic compounds produced by energy metabolism, guarding your muscles from their negative impact, thus allowing to rebuild the broken collagen fibers lost after training.  

Helping Build Muscle, Even as You Age

Building and retaining lean muscle mass helps you avoid sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss). Typically, muscle strength and mass peak between ages 20 and 30. They begin to decrease between 30 and 50. After age 50 or so, this rate of decrease accelerates — you can lose as much as 15% of your strength in a decade after turning 50.

Losing muscle doesn’t just make it harder to do everyday activities; it makes you more likely to be hospitalized and to become physically disabled. Muscle loss may also be associated with increasing your risk of developing other conditions such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, congestive heart failure, hyperthyroidism, hypercortisolism and vitamin D deficiency. 

How can you combat this loss? With strength training and using glutathione for muscle growth. Strength training of the right intensity creates microtears in the muscle that your body then repairs in the days after exercise, leading to denser — and sometimes larger — muscle tissue. Consuming carbohydrates and protein after strength training can help enhance this muscle-building process, as can taking glutathione.

For example, a recent study found that men who weight-trained regularly and took supplements of glutathione and L-citrulline significantly increased their lean muscle mass and strength compared to those who took a placebo. Research suggests that glutathione is not only a powerful antioxidant, but also helps preserve the muscle protein synthesis pathway — the process where your body creates muscle tissue. Thus, it may make it easier for your body to retain muscle — even as you age. 

Physical performance is typically reduced with age, and this phenomenon is closely related with glutathione, whose levels decrease progressively as you grow old. As you just learned, however, you can prevent this — by giving your muscles the right mix of nutrients they need to maintain their glutathione levels. If you are looking for collagen supplements for muscle repair, collagen protein for muscle growth or natural muscle-building supplements, choose Celera. You’ll find carefully selected ingredients to support your glutathione levels, helping you to look younger, get stronger and be alive!